by Autumn

I had the privilege of interviewing the amazing Veronica. Veronica is in the eighth grade and has been going to Redwood Christian Schools since kindergarten. She is thirteen years old. Her favorite subject is science. She enjoys playing tennis and volleyball, and likes to watch baseball, football, and basketball on TV. Her favorite type of shoes are Converse, and her favorite animal is a turtle. She also has two main hidden talents: playing the violin and a little bit of piano. Veronica’s favorite hobby is to go shopping. Her best friends are Autumn, Arianne, Felicia, Chelsea and Olivia. They are her friends because they make her feel good about herself. They are also very funny and crazy. Her favorite movie is Matilda. Her favorite elementary teachers are Mrs. Flores, her second grade teacher, and Mrs. Sommers, her third grade teacher. If you see her around, be sure to say hi! Veronica is very helpful, kind, and friendly!