By: Dani

On November 12, Olivia was born. Olivia comes from a nice family and is the youngest of six siblings. She also has a dog named Cookie. Olivia has an outgoing personality and shares it with little kids. She enjoys foods such as shrimp, fried rice, and clam chowder. Her favorite fruit is the imyrekurue. The imrekurue is bright orange, and has large black seeds. This fruit is from Columbia. Olivia’s hobbies are dancing, singing and art. Her favorite colors are purple and black. Olivia wants to be a dermatologist or a professional dancer when she grows up. She’s also great at shopping! Her favorite subjects are science and art. Olivia’s favorite stores are Charlotte Rose, forever 21, Sephora, and Claire’s. Olivia came to redwood in the first grade and has a perky, funny personality. She especially loves shoes, makeup, and shopping!