By Alex

I was very privileged to interview Jonathan because he is a outstanding student. Here’s a little of Jonathan’s history: he was born February 8th, 2003 in San Leandro. Ever since he was old enough to play sports, he played his best, and sports is a big part of his life. He has participated in many of our school’s sports such as basketball, soccer, and cross country. Jonathan is very smart and even though he is only in 7th grade, he’s in Algebra 1! Not only that, he is a top student in history and science, and had a 4.0 for the entire year last year. Jonathan may have a busy life, but he still has time to do many things he enjoys such as chess, playing other sports, hanging out with friends, and watching the Disney XD show “Lab Rats.” In the future, Jonathan would like to become a politician, more specifically, a senator in the U.S. Sentate. Jonathan is a amazing person who has been sent by God to do great things for the world.