by Veronica

I interviewed one of my best friends, Autumn. Autumn has been going to Redwood Christian since kindergarten. She is an 8th grader at Redwood Christian. Autumn has a younger brother named Prince. Autumn is an energetic, kind, funny person. She is a person who can make you happy when you are feeling bad. Autumn was born on October 29 in Colorado. Autumn’s favorite sport, well Autumn has many sports she likes, but the one that she really likes is cross county. Autumn’s favorite colors are turquoise and pink. When Autumn gets the chance she loves to go to Six Flags. Public speaking is something that Autumn enjoys doing. Favorite animal, well that was something that was hard for Autumn to answer, but she chose were dolphins and cheetahs. Autumn’s best friends are Ari, Felicia, Chelsea, Olivia, and Veronica. She likes to hang out with them because they are funny, crazy, and they love her for her. Her favorite food is seafood. Autumn is going to be a great addition to the Talon this year.