By: John Dominick

Alex is a smart, energetic young man who hopes to be a superhero or a marine biologist. His favorite entertainment is video games, and his favorite movie is Jaws. The food he most enjoys is pizza. Alex enjoys acting and messing around with his friends. He also enjoys challenging them in the best cat impressions. The first thing to cross of his bucket list would be to swim with sharks. His favorite football team is the 49ers, and he loves watching golf. Alex tends to spend his past time hunting lizards and playing Mario Cart. His belief is that no one should be able to obtain their drivers’ license until they beat Rainbow Road in Mario Cart. At the end of his days he hopes to have a Tron: Legacy motorcycle. He thinks jeans are the best types of pants, and he claims that Vans are they only good shoes. When Alex retires he hopes to live in San Diego. To wrap it all up, he wants to live an adventurous life.