by Grace

Zack is an 8th grader at Redwood. During school he enjoys lunch and learning new things in science. After school he usually finishes his homework and then starts on videogames until his thumbs hurt. On the weekends, Zack has a lot of hobbies and interests such as football, basketball, shopping for shoes, BMX, and his favorite of all, paint-balling. Currently, his favorite show is Wild n’ Out. If Zack were to be a superhero, he said it would have to be Spider-Man, because let’s face it, what other superhero can spin a web? Zack has an interest for cars and motorcycles. His favorite car is a Nissan Skyline GTR R34. Whenever Zack is on his phone, his favorite apps are Instagram and KiK. Overall, Zack is an active person who is fun to hang out with at any time of the day.