By: Xavier

One man, in a big world, all by himself (not really). It’s Logan! Logan is 13 years old and loves eating pizza. Logan’s favorite football team is the Oakland Raiders. Logan really likes Free Runs and watches The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. His favorite movie is Rocky and he really likes red. He enjoys English and loves to play soccer. He really likes R and B and his favorite car is the Ferrari 458 Speciale. Logan likes to wear Abercrombie and Fitch. his favorite breakfast food is sausage on an English Muffin. Logan has attended Redwood Christian Middle School for 2 years, but before coming to this school he went Canyon Middle School in 6th grade. Will Logan survive in this big, big world?! Is Logan Dillon awesome enough to survive in this crazy, scary world?! Find out next time on Talon Staff Biography!