By Jonathan

Auggie was born on February 18, 2003 in Berkeley, California. Auggie is an only child. In his free time Auggie enjoys fishing, playing sports, and surfing. Auggie has been on a surfing team, a very dangerous sport that requires a lot of courage, which Auggie certainly has. When Auggie goes to attend college, he would love to go to U.C. Berkeley. As a career, Auggie wants to be a middle school history teacher. Auggie runs Cross-Country for Redwood, and out of school he plays CVI flag football. One day, Auggie wants to go skydiving. Auggie’s favorite subjects are English and History. In Auggie’s free time he reads books, watches T.V., plays video games, and his favorite T.V. Show is Channel 2 News. Auggie’s favorite food is New England Clam Chowder and his favorite desert is mango sorbet. Auggie’s favorite sport is football and he is an excellent wide receiver. During lunch break Auggie plays football, basketball, and simply just hangs out with friends. After he graduates college, Auggie would love to live somewhere in the Bay Area. Auggie’s favorite shoe brand are Champions. He wants to own a soda-jet from Mario Kart. Auggie is an avid reader who delights in participating in life science discussion with Mr. Wilcox. Auggie has a creative and articulate mind and will make a spectacular talon writer.