James Monroe: Our Last Founding Father

by Jessica Brock

james_monroeJames Monroe was the Fifth President of the United States. He grew up in Virginia and fought in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. He had several siblings. He attended the College of William and Mary, and practiced law in Virginia. He was an honest man. He served his presidential term from 1817 to 1875.

Monroe, before he was even President, had many ways to stay in the loop of political things. He was a protégé of Thomas Jefferson, who then was President (1743-1826). He helped to negotiate the Louisiana Purchase, and served as a U.S. Senator. He was also the Governor of Virginia, and worked as a minister to France and Great Britain. He was a delegate to the Continental Congress, as well.

While in office, he dealt with many upcoming and political issues, such as the issue of land America had. He helped in 1820 with the Missouri Compromise, which allowed Missouri to come into the Union as a slave state, while Maine came in as a free state, as to not upset the North or the South. He also worked with the American Colonization Society, which thought that it would be best if they sent freed African- Americans “back to Africa.” There is now a city named after him in Liberia because of the difficult choices he made for Africans. Later on in his term he would make the Monroe Doctrine, which would not permit Europe to have land over the Western Hemisphere. This doctrine was used to help with disputes over American soil.

James Monroe was a man that helped make changes in our young country and set a path for future presidents to follow.