The Talon Weekly: 2/6/2015


Top Story Blitz!

By: Danny B

A man named Joel Ifergan walked into a store and bought a lottery ticket. He checked his numbers and saw that he had one 27 million Canadian dollars. That’s where the bad part happened. Joel found out that he had bought the ticket 7 seconds too late and that he wouldn’t be allowed to win anything. Outraged, he went to court and sued the store for a printing lag. Sadly the store won and he didn’t get anything. Joel still fights for the cash and the case is still going through Canadian court. To read more, go to

Last week in Taiwan, a TransAsia jet crashed into a river in Tapei. 13 of the 58 people died and the jet seems to have stalled as the left turbo prop was not moving. Authorities say that many of the passengers are missing and most likely dead. To learn more about the crash go

A few days ago, a young teenager walked into a target store looking for a clip on tie. Target sadly didn’t sell clip on ties but they did have real ties. A store clerk bought the teenager a tie, but that wasn’t all the clerk took about 10 minutes to give the young man pointers about job interviews, one shopper took some video of this and put it on facebook. The man looked like a sponge soaking everything in. The job searching teen then left target in a suit and tie in fashionable style. to read more, go to

Campus Life:

Only the First Chapter of Many More

by Matt Dzoan.

Half of the school year is already over. Report cards were given out to the students for the end of the first semester. Some rejoiced, some cried. Either way, we students should aim for better grades then we did last quarter or semester. This can be achieved by working and studying hard. Good grades are important. I know, we hear this all the time, but it really is true.

Also, for the rest of the semester, having fun is a key denominator. Having fun can change a lot, more than you may think. By having fun, I don’t mean you should go and break the rules. Having fun doesn’t have to be like that. Hanging out with your friends, or having Bible study with your teacher are great ways to have fun. Having a fun point of view on life impacts you greatly.

Always remember that God will help you get through the rest of this year. If you’re having a rough year, just look to God. Its amazing the things he can do when we just talk to him. Surely, you’ll feel better when talking to Him.

Personally, eighth grade has been an amazing year so far. Halfway through, and there’s still so much in store. I hope the rest of you take what you learned in the first semester and apply it now. Have a great rest of the year!

Spirit Week!

By Jovann G.

Spirit Week is now over and Sixth Grade got 1st place. Seventh got 2nd and Eighth Grade got 3rd place three years in a row. Overall the games seemed pretty interesting and exciting. The Great Race was fast paced and had a loud crowd. The songs that the grades wrote sounded decent. The grade themes were amazing too. Sixth Grade’s theme was Fast Food Workers. Seventh Grade’s theme was the medical field. Finally, Eighth Grade’s theme was Lumberjacks. The locker decks were amazing too. Each locker was filled with design and showed the effort put into its appearance. Well this pretty much sums up the RCMS 2014-2015 Spirit Week.

Is Schoology the Chat Room?

by Jessica Brock


Everyone knows that Redwood is currently using Schoology as a learning tool, to help teach students about the upcoming digital workforce they are going to enter. But recently, particular students have expressed a great interest in commenting random things. Things such as P.E. football games, Santa Claus, some for reason, a rainbow frog, the Super Bowl, and many other things have found their way to the front page of Schoology also.

From these examples, anyone can conclude that Redwood’s students love to chat on Schoology. Schoology is supposed to be used as a helpful tool for  schools to use to turn in assignments, restore the secure connection between teachers and students, lessen the paper load, and help schools run more efficient and smooth. Instead, most students check Schoology daily, to find out what’s going on in the  school gossip world! When asked about his thoughts on the new use of Schoology, and its participating students, Andrew Saake responded, “Too many people abuse it and it’s getting annoying. Otherwise it’s great to get information.”

Religion and Culture

The Other Side

By: Preston Hart

Many people look at the Superbowl as a day for happiness, competition, and nothing else but that. Some people look at the Superbowl or any sports as almost a religion. They drop everything they are doing and idolize it, and in a way worship it. But many people don’t know about the dark side of big events of the Superbowl for example or any other championship game of soccer, baseball, or basketball.

Our society has found a way to seek out girls our age and in a way make them slaves. Girls who are being forced to be prostitutes, and these are again girls that are even less than 18 years old. I know this sounds very very harsh, but this is the reality of our time right now. This is happening all around the world, and these girls are being even in some cases born into slavery and don’t even have a choice to refuse. Many people think slavery is gone, but in reality, it is right in front of us. So I have a question for all of you reading this. As Christians, what can we do for these girls who are essentially slaves? If you want to learn more about this matter, then go to this website.

Romans 12:4-5

By Davis Banks

“For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. “

This week’s verse might not make sense to you. You might be asking, ‘How can there be one body with many multiple members?’ Think of it this way, we are all a part of the church and we all have a purpose in that church. We as Christians all contribute to each other in many ways. Your body can’t do anything alone. It has to have a brain, fingers, legs, arms, and other parts to thrive. Our brain tells our body what to do; our legs give us the ability to walk, and our fingers do things from picking up items to communicating with motions. God has given us this ability by His mercy that we would be able to help other with the gifts that He has given us. To give this all a simpler meaning, we all are one church in which we all contribute to each other to grow and thrive.

Arts and Entertainment

By: Heather Gladwill

Here in the Bay we have many concerts. With many arenas and theaters, the Bay Area offers hundreds of concerts a year.

In the month of February, we have some really great shows and concerts coming up. At the FOX Theater in Oakland on February 25, Pentatonix will be performing at 8:00 PM. For those of you who don’t know, Pentatonix is an a cappella vocal group who originated from Arlington, Texas. They have only 5 members, but they can create amazing music by using each member’s vocal talents. Their various harmonies and sound effects all made by voice provides exceptional entertainment.

For those ballet lovers, starting February 7th and going throughout the entire month you will be able to see many different showings at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco. So, if you love ballet, that’s the place for you this month!

At the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco, you will be able to catch a movie-turned musical, Newsies: The Musical! The show will be available from February 17th through the 28th, and the showing times vary from 2:00 to 8:00 PM. If you’re a Newsies fan, don’t forget to catch this musical!

There are many, many other shows and concerts available this month, so don’t forget to buy your tickets for your favorite show now.