The Talon Weekly: 1/13/2015

As the first semester draws to a close, the RCS Talon team is gearing up for a big lineup change. This edition of the Talon weekly represents the last of the work produce by the first semester team. Enjoy!


Old-People[1]Old People on Facebook

by: Marcus Green

Did you know your mom, along with 58% of Americans are on Facebook?

According to reports,  56% of the users are older people. The reason for this is because their children post pictures of themselves and their parents want to see them.

23% of adults use LinkedIn, 22% use Pinterest, 21% use Instagram, and 19% use Twitter. 53% do people between 18-29 use Instagram. Of all internet using adults 26% have an Instagram account.

Killed for Allowance Money

By: Saryh

Money in handAccording to Fox News, A son of a Manhattan millionaire allegedly murdered his father over his allowance being cut down from $200. They say the son went to his parents’ home and asked his mother to go out to get him some food. When she returned, police say she found her husband on the floor with a bullet wound in the head and a handgun near his body.

Campus Life

McGrath-Erin[1]Admin Interview: Miss McGrath

By: Kelsey Clark

Today I interviewed Miss McGrath. I asked her about some upcoming events. She seemed to be excited. She talked about Homecoming, where a lot of students from high school get dressed all fancy and have a big party. Also she is excited for spirit week. She is not participating in all the activities there but she will be attending. She says that she loves her job on campus and loves activities with the kids in middle school and in high school. I had a very good time interviewing Miss McGrath.


Spirit Week!

By: Ally Truscott

Next week is Spirit Week, where all of middle school has a competition to see what grade has the most school spirit. We show our spirit by dressing up the craziest and making lots of noise! For 6th grade our theme is fast food workers. Mrs. Bibby told us some ideas like putting french fries in our pockets and decorating our lockers. The 7th grade theme is medical people like doctors and nurses. The 8th graders are lumberjacks. During Spirit Week we play games and do lots of fun things. I can’t wait for Spirit Week! My brother has done Spirit Week many times and he goes all out. The way he talks about it makes me very excited to be a part of it. For Spirit Week I’m planning to go all out. I can’t wait!

Religion and Culture

New Year’s Resolutions

By: Sanchez

In this new year of 2015 many people are making New Years Resolutions. One woman’s resolution is that she wants violence in her community to end. She says she wants people to be able to take evening strolls in their neighborhoods and not be afraid that some gunman in a speeding car would shoot them. She says she wants to live together in peace, respecting others and treating them the way we want to be treated. All in all, Bea Hines says that you will not be alone in this new year. God is always with you no matter what you do and no matter what happens. The new year brings with it promises of a fresh, new start. Whatever you didn’t get right in 2014, here is your chance (and mine) to try again to get things right. And while I don’t have any resolutions to make, I do have a few wishes that I would like to see come true.


New Year, New Draft

img_0079-e7654By: Brandon Martinez

The season is winding down for the NFL and do you know what that means? Drafts are coming up! So we are going to go over the top draft picks. First we have Marcus Mariota from Oregon (QB). Tampa Bay will be keeping there eye on him because he is a beast in the backfield. Next Brandon Scherff an offensive tackle for Iowa. Washington Redskins are looking at him because he will strengthen there offense and give there QB time to throw. Next we have Alabama’s Landon Collins who plays Safety and has a linebacker mentality. He will tear up anyone’s offense and Chicago Bears are hoping to get a grab on him. And lastly Todd Gurley who is a running back for Georgia even though he is an underdog, he is ranked high on certain draft lists and Ravens will be picking him up. These are my top picks for on NFL drafts and I think they will be very well suited in the professionals.

Stuart Scott

Stuart-Scott-ESPN[1]By: Matt Dzoan

Stuart Scott was a long time news anchor for ESPN. He was known for his enthusiasm and catchphrases like, “Boo-yah!” Stuart loved his daughters Taelor and Sydni tremendously. He added hip-hop to sports newscasting. To many people, he was a huge inspiration. Scott was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and has been battling ever since. Unfortunately, he passed on Sunday, January 4, 2015. Many professional athletes payed their tributes to Stuart, including Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Barry Sanders, and even the president, Barack Obama. At the ESPY Awards in 2014, Scott received the Jimmy V Award for his courageous battle with cancer. He gave an inspiring speech. As Stuart Scott has passed, he made a huge impact in this world.
My heart goes out for Stuart’s friends and family.

Rest in Peace, Stuart Scott.
“When you die, it does not mean you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and
in the manner in which you live.”- Stuart Scott.

Arts and Entertainment

Timothy’s Gift

tg-website-logo1[1]By: Max Lee

This week I’m writing about an a cappella group named Timothy’s Gift. Timothy’s Gift is a group that goes around Nashville singing to prisoners. The leader of the group is Melissa Greene, a church pastor. The message of the group is that no one is forgotten and everyone has GREAT worth. They have went to 82 prisons, 12 hope tours, impacted the lives of over 15,000 inmates.

Night at the Museum 3

MV5BMjI1MzM2ODEyMV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTIzODAwMzE@._V1_SX640_SY720_[1]By: Kira and Matt

Night of the Museum Three was a satisfying and action-packed movie, with new characters, including Rebel Wilson, and old favorites like Ben Stiller and Robin Williams, to whom the movie is dedicated.

Some people find this holy tomb and are told not to disturb it. Like every other movie, they do, and the museum starts acting crazy, more than usual. They go to the U.K. and there is a treacherous adventure to save the magic of the museum or the museum will die.

The themes of this movie are perseverance and friendship. Ben Stiller’s character sacrifices his job to save the people of the museum but nearly fails. He keeps persevering until the end although he has thoughts of giving up.

I didn’t like the movie in some aspects. They did not show many of the artifacts in the museum, as they only showed a glimpse. Also, Robin Williams did not play too much of a role.

Overall, this movie was enjoyable and entertaining.