Our Savior’s Birthday

By: Kira

My favorite holiday is Christmas. There are numerous reasons why.

First of all presents. Come on who doesn’t love them?

We also get to be with family and eat amazing food, or go out to eat. Next we have a very unique celebration. if you really think about it we cut down a tree, let it shed all over the house, put a skirt on it, and have a fat man come to our house and eat all our cookies and put presents in socks. No, that’s not strange at all. This is all I really thought about for the past few years.

Then it hit me like a rock. It is our Savior’s birthday! This celebration we think is for us is actually for God! That’s when it became my favorite holiday. So now I encourage you to think about him when you open up that beautifully wrapped present with the bushy red bow and say, “happy birthday!”