The Talon Weekly: Christmas Edition


How Much Should Santa Make?

By: Brandon

101276228-178542062r.530x298[1]How much do you think Santa’s income should be? This year, it is estimated that Santa’s yearly income should be around $140,000. According to a survey taken, 29% of people think that he should make around 1.8 billion dollars, which is an insanely a lot of money for just having elves do all the work and reindeers pulling him around. While another 29% thinks he should make nothing at all. As well as others which is 27% of the poll think he should make around 101k to 140k. The last 6% thinks he should make $500. How much do you think he should make?

12265-banner-FreeTrees625-12-6[1]Christmas Tree Delivery

By: Max

The Christmas SPIRIT Foundation will send 17,000 trees to the US Service Members. The Christmas SPIRIT Foundation will deliver live trees to over 60 military bases to get them “suited” for christmas. The organization collects the trees and then, with the help of FedEx, delivers them to the military bases. The troops in our country will be getting the trees.

Campus Life

Christmas presents piled underneath a christmas tree.Christmas Present Poll

By: Marcus

Today I asked people in my journalism class what they want for Christmas. They had some nice things they want for Christmas:

Ty Olazabol said he wanted a Sony Vegas 13 Platinum
Matt Dzoan said he wanted LOVE
Max Lee said he wants the video game Destiny
Taimaine said she wants a Xbox One
Veronica wants an iMac Pro
Saryh wants a dance studio
Kira wants a iPhone 6
Isaiah wants a coffee maker
Darius wants a Xbox Live gift card
Kalehua wants a kiddy zoomer
Kharena wants an iPad Air 2
Aidann wants money
I personally want money also

behindscenes[1]Behind the Scenes: Christmas Choir Edition

By: Kira and Saryh

We got a chance to go behind the scenes of the choir preparing for their big show Tuesday night. The show took place 7:00-8:00. When we walked into there practice they were all on risers. They were all very friendly, even the director. Some people we noticed were: Arianne, Jasmine, Jordin, Ryan, Danika, Simone, Sara, Autumn, Mari, Olivia. 

During the rehearsal they had a pep talk. I got a chance to interview Autumn Tucker. Here is what she said:
q: Why are you in choir? 
A: Because I like to sing.
Q:What do the songs mean to you?
A:That jesus was born and we should appreciate what he has done for us.
Q:What songs did you sing?
A:Silent night,carol of the bells,wonderful time of the year,jingle bells.

Religion and Culture

A Christmas Poem

By: K

jesus_is_the_reason_for_the_season_print-r72806e04bc1a4c39a5efebad0d63489a_2dvv_8byvr_512[1]The true meaning of Christmas is the birth of Jesus.

Joseph and Mary with no place to lay 
found a Manger and Mary gave birth on Hay.
there lay Jesus, a star in the sky 
three wise men, say good bye
they found a baby that didn’t cry
they praise and worship this sweet little thing 
they give treasures and still sing
they said this Jesus must be the true meaning of Christmas
they fled and and Mary gave baby jesus a kiss.
Jesus is part of the trinity!
Jesus was in Mary’s Womb but she was a virgin. Do you know why?
because god commanded the holy spirit to make Mary pregnant and then Jesus was born.

Talon Sports

Ugly, Sporty Christmas Sweaters

By: Sanchez

thumb-2[1]Christmas is coming!! And so are ugly christmas sweaters. Yep, ‘Ugly’ Christmas sweaters! Well recently in the news, the NFL and the NHL websites are selling ugly christmas sweaters. And they look really ‘Ugly’!!

No, they actually look pretty cool.The company Forever Collectibles came up with this idea and started distributing sweaters for all major professional sports and even college teams. The most sold out sweater is the football team the Pittsburgh Steelers because Pittsburgh loves to dress up to support and encourage the team. So if you want to support your favorite team in a Christmas themed way, buy a Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Holiday Sports Lights

By: Veronica

There is a big Seattle Seahawks, Mariners, Huskies and Sonics themed light display in Kirkland, Washington. Anthony Mish was the one who put the light display up. He started to put lights on his house on November 1st. The light display is super easy to see and is pretty cool to look at. There is a big Seahawks fan logo on his roof. Anthony has hung 150,000 lights so far. 

Steph Curry and The Spirit of Christmas

By: Taimane

hi-res-450371843-stephen-curry-of-the-golden-state-warriors-warms-up_crop_exact[1]Steph Curry is helping to fight malaria by donating bed-nets to Africa to protect the Africans from the deadly disease that has killed so many. For every 3-pointer that he makes he is donating 3 bed-nets! During his first two seasons doing the challenge, he has donated 1,599 bed-nets to protect families in Africa! During this season he has now made 261 3-pointers and he has donated 783 bed-nets to help protect families from malaria.

Arts and Entertainment

Top Christmas Movies

By: Matt Dzoan

Christmas time is coming near. That could only mean… Christmas movies are here!

Personally, Christmas movies are one of my favorite types of movies. There are tons of good Christmas movies and I could go on and on about them; but I have decided to narrow them down to my top three favorites. 

51jNBOpk8ML._SY300_[1]3. Number 3 goes to ‘A Christmas Story’

My third favorite Christmas movie is ‘A Christmas Story.’ The movie is about a kid named Ralphie and his want for a BB gun for Christmas. His mother was not very fond of her son with a BB gun. Towards the end of the movie, his dad ends up getting him the gun. You should watch this movie because it is funny, and a great movie to watch with your family during the Christmas season.

MV5BMTUzMzg4MTg2M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNDM4OTk4._V1_SX640_SY720_[1]2. Number 2 goes to ‘Home Alone’

My second favorite Christmas movie is ‘Home Alone. Home Alone is about a little kid who is home alone and fends off a few criminals. His family has left on a trip to Paris and had forgotten him at home. When they realize this, they are not able to reschedule a flight back home due to crowded flights. Two robbers attempt to break into the house but the kid sets up many traps to fend them off. This humorous movie is a must-watch.

MV5BNjY1NjQ3NDY5MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwODAyMTc3._V1_SX640_SY720_[1]1. And Number 1 goes to ‘Elf’

Elf is my favorite Christmas movie. In my opinion, Elf is one of the best movies of all time. Will Ferrel plays as Buddy, the Elf. Buddy is a human who was raised by elves. After he leaves the North Pole, he searches for his real father, who did not seem to like Buddy at first. They grow a closer relationship as the movie progresses. Towards the end, Santa’s sleigh breaks down in Central Park and Buddy tries to help him. Enough ‘Christmas Spirit’ was gained so that the sleigh was able to run again. Elf is a great movie to watch with your family and will cause laughter all over. 

Well there it is, my top three favorite Christmas movies. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I did!

Christmas Chapel

By: Ally

Last week, we had our Christmas chapel. The choir, band, and strings all played. Veronica, Taimane, and I (who are all in Journalism together) took part in it. We play in Strings. It’s very hard to perform in front of the whole school. I was nervous when I got on stage, but got through it. I was definitely scared because we had to wear something nice, but my dad didn’t get the email, so I wore a collared shirt. 

The Christmas chapel was all for Jesus. Christmas is about Jesus’ birth. We play our instruments and sing for His Glory. The choir sang a song called Winter Song. It sounded really tough to sing. It sounded hard because they sang really fast with a lot of mixed-up words. They sang a lot of good songs, Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Jingle Bells, Drummer Boy, etc. The band also played those songs and much more. Strings played Jingle Bells. 

The christmas chapel was an amazing performance.