The Talon Weekly: 12/05/2014


A True Hero?

By: Sanchez

d9a27dec-f24e-4106-a2a2-fb7fce5c3f83_profile[1]A hero refers to characters who, in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, display courage and/or the will for self-sacrifice—that is, heroism—for some greater good of all humanity. A recent hero in the news is Tyree Landrum. He stood up to Ferguson protesters blocking Interstate 5. Him and many others needed to be somewhere, but he was willing to stand up to the protesters. Tyree claims he is not a hero. But, Ryan Fusco, a complete stranger who saw Landrum’s video, disagrees. Fusco started a crowd-funding campaign to help buy Christmas presents for Landrum’s six children. It has already doubled its fundraising goal with 26 days remaining.

Do you think Tyree is a true hero?

Heavy Rainfall

rain2[1]By: Kira Anderson

On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, heavy rainfall started mudslides in an area of Los Angeles, California. In Camarillo springs, about 50 miles away from las Angeles, houses were flooded by gushing water that flowed heavily down the hills and around the houses. Local house owners have been stacking sandbags around their houses to keep out mud and water. Reuters News says that once the water starts flowing at an inch and a half, the sandbags can’t do much.

Campus Life

Surviving School

By: Matt Dzoan

surviving-middle-school2[1]Thanksgiving Break has just passed, and Christmas Break is coming up. Because there are so many days off, teachers are trying to get in as much work and teach as much as they can. Stress may begin to attack us students. But don’t worry, I’m here to guide you through the trials and battle that is “Surviving School.” 

Life at school can be pretty crazy. Especially when you have tons of projects and assignments due all in one week (like I do). I may have procrastinated a little bit. Here are some tips on how to survive school.

5 Tips on Surviving School.

1. Always make sure to get your work in on time.
2. Never procrastinate, even though it is so tempting.
3. Keep a healthy mindset, complaining just makes everything worse.
4. Get as much rest as you can, trust me it helps.
5. God. You need God.

I hope these tips help you on your journey through the craziness of going to school.

Religion and Culture

The Hero

By Darius D. and Ty Olazabal

Our theme this week here on The Talon Weekly is all about heroes. Instead of writing about who my hero is, I’ve decided to ask what a hero is. Definitions of hero can vary from someone with super-human powers or someone who’s inspiring to you. We all have different interpretations of hero, but one thing is true for real heroes. Real heroes are selfless. All acts of heroism are things done out of love for others.

So who is the ultimate hero? Who is the most heroic of all? The answer, my friends, is in the Holy Bible.

Jesus Christ.

I think you might all agree that Jesus Christ has done many heroic things. One of the memorable things he’s done was calming a storm at sea. One day, Christ and his disciples went out on a boat. “And behold, there arose a great storm on the sea, so that the boat was being swamped by the waves; but he was asleep (Matthew 8:24).” However, as the disciples were panicking, Jesus calmed them, and drove away the winds and sea.

But this isn’t truly the most heroic thing he did. No, the most heroic thing he did was sacrificing himself on the cross for our sins. That is a defining moment for Jesus as a hero, a hero is selfless. Jesus did that out of love for others. That is what makes a hero!


basketball1[1]Gracious in Defeat

By: Aidann and Saryh

December 2, 2014 our middle school girls basketball team played a great game. The teams starters are 
Jessica Brock, Vanessa Harris, Seguah Dwumfuoh, Alisha, and Aries.

The game was at our home Redwood Christian Elementary, and we played against Valley Christian. The final score was 16 to 24, even though we lost we put a good effort. 

One of the team’s members, Alexis Sasere, gave me some insight on how the game went. 

“First quarter went well, both teams were at a tie..” Alexis stated during the interview. “Second quarter, Valley was in the lead by five points..” Redwood and Valley Christian happen to be friendly rivals, and games like this can get rather competitive. And, as Alexis continued to say more about the progress in scores, you can see that we fought a good fight. “Third quarter was when I got to play, and I was excited. But, we were still behind Valley.” Alexis said when asked about when she got onto the court. “I blocked two possible hoops during the third and fourth quarters. Fourth quarter we caught up, but still were behind. The final score was 16-24.”

As the interview with Alexis ended, the result was we lost the game on December 2, 2014. But, the point is everyone on the team did their best- for the school, for themselves, and most importantly for God. Let the Lord guide your footsteps, and aide you in making wise choices that will benefit Him, and others, in the future.

Athlete Profile: Peyton Manning

nfl_a_manning_kh_600x600[1]By: Max Lee

For sports this week, I’m talking about Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning is considered the top player of the NFL. In 2013, Peyton Manning scored 55 touchdowns, 450 completions and 5,477 yards. Peyton Manning has been with the Broncos for 3 years, and before that he was with Indianapolis Colts. In his personal life, Peyton Manning has a wife, Ashley Manning, and has 2 kids, Mosley (girl) and Marshall (boy). He has had a knee and a neck injury. Peyton Manning lives in the state of Colorado in a newly bought mansion 29 minutes from the city. He is a Christian and he is strong about his faith. So finally, Peyton Manning is the best player of the NFL. 

This is Max Lee, Signing off, come back next week for more news!!!!!

Arts and Entertainment

RCS Artist Profile: Makayla Massone

By K

Q: Tell me about school.
A: “I like school very much, my favorite subject would be math. My pros are about school is that we have wonderful teachers and my favorite teacher would be Mr. Burke. My con’s about school is that we have too much homework and that we start school too early 9:00 AM was just fine.”
Q. What instrument are you playing for the concert? 
A. “I am playing the violin.”
Q. Who do you think is the best player in your class? 
A.”I think the best player would be Noah Drisdon.”
Q. Who is your hero? 
A. “God.” 
Q. Why is He your hero and how can it help you with your Concert?
A. “He is my hero because he sent his Son to clean my sins. And that it can help me by watching over me while I play the Violin.”
Q. Besides playing the violin, what do you do for entertainment? 
A. “Drawing.” 
Q. What do you like about drawing? 
A. “you can do your own spin on it and its fun!” 
Q. Anything else?
A. “No, only Art.” 
Well thank you very much for being on WHO DA? WHAT DA? HUH? 
“You’re very welcome and I would love to be interviewed again bye!”