The Talon Weekly: Nov 14, 2014

Welcome to this special Campus Life Edition of the Talon Weekly!

Campus Life

The Paper Bag Bandit!

img_0002-8a241By: K

The Paper bag Bandit Is coming RCS MSHS tonight!

The cast is full of people having a lot of fun. I hope that they would all do a great job and Ttat the people who have bought tickets will like the play that they present to us.

If you are going try not to spoil it for the others! 

It starts at 7:00 PM So don’t be late!

Tickets cost $5 and $20 for the family pack. Have fun!

Graffiti On Campus?

image1[1]By Aidann Merrel

There have been many cases of vandalism at RCS, taking form in various ways. Graffiti happens to be the most common of these events. In the past years, there have been incidents of tagging in the Junior High locker areas and along the surrounding walls. It was suspected that outsiders, that don’t attend Redwood, had done this, but no one can know for sure.

There hasn’t been any major cases of graffiti until a week ago, when someone tagged the Athletics Department and the small lunch area around it. By the time anyone got around to seeing this violation, most of it had been painted over, and the janitor was already scrubbing the last of it. Once more, this could have been the job of a local gang, or a student. It’s strange, and a little sad, that people would do this to our school. What does spraying paint all over a building mean to them? All the time they spent just to break into a school to tag a building is pointless, especially since it’s going to be removed as soon as possible. So why all of this if it just wastes everyone’s time?

Fortunately all of the graffiti was removed before lunch on the 20th of October, and peace was restored to the campus. Sadly, this won’t be the last time we face these problems. There will always be someone who is “clever” enough to waste their time by breaking into our school and tagging it. Vandalism is just one of those problems that won’t ever go away without meeting extreme precautions. We can always pray though, that whoever is doing the graffiti will be blessed with wisdom, and realize that they are just wasting their time, and achieving nothing.

Operation Christmas Child

OCC%20Logo%20Banner[1]By: Kira

As most of you know, Redwood Christian has partnered up with Operation Christmas Child to send boys and girls around a little something to brighten up their Christmas. People around the world don’t have privileges like us. In fact, they don’t have a lot. If we give them something it will make them happy, and hopefully bring them closer to the Lord. If they do get closer to the Lord it would be a mission success!

For this project you wrap a box and lid separately and fill it with fun toys you think a child might enjoy. We do not recommend putting in violent objects such as toy guns, army men, and other stuff just because they come from a place were war is not a fantasy, it is real life. The turn-in dates are December 1st through the 5th. 

Please bless a child and give them a happy Christmas!