The Talon Weekly, Nov 7, 2014

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The Talon Staff


Camp Pendleton Troops Come Home!


By: Matt Dzoan

Almost 100 troops reunited with their families in Camp Pendleton, Ca. Most of these troops had been deployed in Afghanistan for over 7 months. Over the past 13 years, about 1000 American troops have died in Afghanistan. 100 of these troops were from Camp Pendleton. Families had been waiting at Camp Pendleton, anxious to greet their marine that was coming home. Life was hard for these families as they did not know whether their loved one was alive or not. Some families were not able to see their loved ones come home. The troops of Camp Pendleton has left their area, and did what they had to do. The mission of the troops of Camp Pendleton was completed. Their hard work had paid off.


By: K

Paul Leroy Graffe was a veteran in the Vietnam War and he died in an accident in a bomb that hit his plane. Unfortunately, his body was never found. There are memorials in Hawaii and Washington. Paul Leroy Graffe is my uncle’s uncle, it may sound confusing ,but its not really. Paul was a pilot that died near south Vietnamese and the coordinates that was believed that he traveled, is [1457 19n zb 1095 53].His birthday is august 19, 1949 and it is believed that he died in October 3 2014.  Paul Leroy Graffe may always be remembered.

Campus Life


By: Max Lee

Hey fellow students! Are you enjoying the extra hour? If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, daylight standard time just ended! So if you’ve been struggling for sleep now is the time to get that back! Also, next Monday we have a day off! Next Tuesday the elementary 5th grade students are coming to the campus so you better be on your best behavior! 2 weeks after Veterans Day we have a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday! That is the time for you to sleep in and eat some good food! Hey drama team! Are you ready for Drama Night? Friday November 14 at 7:00pm the Drama team is having a night full of plays!

The Vietnam War

By: Brandon Martinez

As you guys know Veterans Day is on Monday, and Vietnam was a war we never experienced. I decided to talk about Vietnam because several of our teachers served in the military at that time. Did you also know that the average age was 21 compared to World War II where the average age was 26. Future politicians Al Gore and John McCain were also in the war. Lastly the 2/3 people volunteered while the last third was drafted in. Jungle warfare played a big part for the opposing military they hid in trees and attacked us and allies secretly. Most people didn’t want America to help South Vietnam because we were “peace police” and we should stay out of it. Sadly when the troops came home they were mistreated unlike other veterans from the past. These men saw 240 out of 360 days of combat a year and 58,000 (estimated) were missing or killed, and they saw there friends killed and traumatized from war and were still treated terribly. Let’s remember them this week and thank those in your life who have served, or are still serving, in the military.

Religion and Culture

Heaven is for Real


By Aidann Merrel, and Kelsey Clark

In the movie HEAVEN IS FOR REAL there is a little boy named Colton who got sick from him going on a camping trip with his mom dad and sister. He is rushed to the hospital. While he is on the operating table, his mom calls her friends and tells them to pray for Colton. His dad yells at God in church. 

When Colton woke up from surgery he says that he of saw a vision heaven. This is the turning point for the entire film because we are faced with two groups, one that believes in Colton, and one that does not. Colton’s claims are hard to believe, I mean, who else knows how Heaven looks like? 

Anyways, the movie goes on with this huge debate about what Colton saw while in operation. His father is convinced that his son has seen Jesus, which costs him his job as a pastor. The movie itself turns into a debate about a little boy, and what he saw, and the audience is challenged to take sides.

So which side are you on? Do You believe him? Or not?

Talon Sports

By: Marcus Green

madison-bumgarner-san-francisco-giants-2014-world-series-champs-trophy-bobble-head-forever-2As you might know the San Fransisco Giants have won another World Series. For the Giants fans, you might be happy, but for the Royals fans, well it was good year even though they lost in the World Series. For the Giants it was the 3rd World Series they have won in the last 5 years. Thanks to their ace pitcher Madison Bumgardner, they one game 7 of the World Series. Towards the end there was a scare for the Giants as trying to hold on to a 3-2 lead. Alex Gordon hit a triple with 2 outs left in the bottom of the 9th. Luckily for the Giants, Salvador Perez popped out in foul territory for the final out of the game. The Giants players all went to hug Madison Bumbgardner after getting the final out. They must have been excited for winning another World Series. You were able to see it in the expression on there faces. So as a conclusion, it was a phenomenal 2014 World Series!!!!!!!!!!

A New Dynasty

36e57ddfa8f8a4f017bd11c51d951119da369d8da29395049abd4ed16f019919_largeby: Taimane

The San Francisco Giants Have Won It Again. The Giants have, again, won a third World Series in 5 years! They have become a dynasty! With their MVP, Madison Bumgarner. There were 2 outs, 2 balls, and 2 strikes. They were one strike away from winning the World Series. Perez came up and hit a pop-fly. Pablo Sandoval ran to the ball and caught it was an amazing day for the San Francisco Giants. The last time a baseball team was a dynasty was in the late 1900’s, early 2000’s.

Cross Country

By: Saryh Deadmon

Go RCS High school cross country team! Our team has been working very, very hard lately. The cross country team has been representing our school a lot. We are so proud of them! It makes me want to join the middle school team. It takes a lot of courage to go up in front of lots of people and sweat, run, trip, or even cry. None of that matters when you get the job done! I take pride in our team and I have a lot of confidence knowing that they are having fun and trying their best.

THANK YOU RCS CROSS CONTRY TEAM for a our hard work and effort.

Keep up the good work guys and GO RCS!

Arts and Entertainment

Foods For the Troops!

By: Sanchez

Have you ever been to Chuck E. Cheese’s? The place where a kid can be a kid. Where a kid could have one of the most wonderful times of their lives. But did you know that Chuck E. Chesse’s is giving free tokens to families of Veterans in celebration of Veterans Day? Families of veterans are being offered 20 free tokens from Nov. 9 to Nov. 13. I think this is a really great thing to do for kids of families of veternans. Do you like Ice Cream? Well I sure do! My favorite flavor is Cookies and Cream. Well about ice cream, Baskin Robbins announces Camoflauge ice cream in tribute to Veterans Day. The ice cream is called ” First Class Camoflauge”. It is made with chocolate, salty caramel, and cake flavored ice cream. Baskin Robbins says they will donate $0.10 cents from each ice cream scoop sold on Veterans Day.
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