More Babaam!!!!

By: TaimaneIMG_0083.JPG

This is kind-of like a review of Babaam!!!

So, first of all the food was AWESOME!! The burritos were super YUMMY! 😀

After we ate, we played some awesome games! We played Hustle Ball (KickBall, but more intense) and Caveman Volleyball!!! The games we played were AWESOME AND SUPER FUN TO PLAY!

The team I was on WON Hustle Ball! But, when we played Volleyball we lost by 1 point!! NOOOOOOO! But it was SUPER intense!!! After we played Hustle Ball and Volleyball, we rode our scooters, IN THE DARK, until our parents came.

It was SUPER EPIC and SO FUN! So, If you didn’t come, your missing out on some epic fun! Be sure to come next time! I am pretty sure you won’t regret it! 😀