By: Sanchez


This is the new name for the RCS Middle School Socials in the 2014-2015 school year.

Sadly for me, it is my last year of middle school, so it will be my last year of Babaam!

But let’s talk about this years first Babaam! For more information look to Ty Olazabal or Taimane Velega’s journal entry about this. I’m going to be talking about an activity called Hustle Ball. I’m also going to be talking about the end of Babaam!

Hustle Ball is a game just like kickball except a little more fast-paced. Once a team gets three outs, your team has to hurry back and kick the ball. No matter what happens in this game you will always be on your feet. It is a really fun game.

At the end of Babaam! everyone got their scooters and skateboards and rode around town!! Nah, we rode around the parking lot. It was really cool. Even though I almost ran into someone!!! Babaam! was a really thrilling experience. Dont miss out on the next Babaam!