My Year Ahead…

By Aidann Merrel

Middle school was an amazing experience for me, and I can’t help but feel sad that it will be ending for me within a year. So without delay, these are my hopes for this school year!

I guess I’m looking forward to getting the chance to finish up the year with good grades and newfound knowledge. I admit it’s a struggle to maintain an A in just about every class, and my year has already started with a few issues. But I’m a dedicated person, so I have no fear that I won’t achieve that. Along with decent grades comes knowledge, and with this being my last year in middle school, I want to gain any advantages I can for my Freshmen year.

Good grades, and even learning different subjects isn’t what I’m really happy about though, it’s getting to know God all over again. I view every new year as a new chance to look at the Bible and understand it on different levels. Think of it as refreshing your memory, and then adding to what you already know. I came to Redwood so I could graduate with a life-long relationship with our Creator, and I wish that this year will be just as promising as the previous ones. Take every chance you get to refine your bond between God and yourself!

And that is what I’m looking to see this upcoming year, and as you face the challenges of school, remember Psalms 32:8 :

“…I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye…”