Welcome Back Talon!

welcome-back[1]By Aidann Merrel

Its official, the Talon is back for yet another year! With Mr. Burke leading the journalism team, things seem bright for the future. Our group is full of fun, talented writers who have vivid imaginations. Just about everyone in the class is new to the Talon, and as we gain new readers, we shall grow together in the word of God.

For those who are unfamiliar with the website, we are a group of students who help write for our school’s blog, the RCS Talon. Every week we receive a prompt, which we then write a story that corresponds with the given topic. The Talon belongs to Redwood Christian Schools, making us responsible to help spread God’s salvation! I guess you could say our mission is to let people know about the word of Christ through journalism. That about sums up what we are, so be sure to keep reading daily for amazing articles by our students!

Since the school year has just started, we haven’t really planned what we want the Talon to be like this upcoming semester. Our goal is to basically take our everyday news, both on and off campus, and try to relate it to Bible. The truth of God can be found anywhere, you just have to be looking for it! But one thing is for sure, Fire Lane the helpful squirrel will be returning as our mascot.  Keeping things short, this will be a great year for all of the Talon’s readers (and writers)!

So let’s look at this world from a biblical perspective, and let God guide us through the hard times and the good times.

“Wait on the Lord, be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart.” – Psalms 27:14.