Memorable Quotidian

By Jessica Brock, Talon Staff writer

My life has been very memorable. I have had an appreciative time with certain people to thoroughly understand the meaning of “living life to its fullest,” “Carpe Diem” or “YOLO.” But living life to the fullest every day helps me to remember that, understandably, you might not live to see tomorrow, which might scare some people. I thank God for all the days of my life; the good ones and the bad ones. I live life to the fullest everyday, by making sure the people around me are having fun. Having fun means enjoying the time that God has given you on this earth, especially with friends. I asked some of my friends what they thought was their most memorable moment this year. A friend of mine, Izabella A., said that her most memorable moment was when my friends and I founded the Squeakadoor tree. It got its name after the sound we heard coming from behind it, which sounded like a squeaking tree. The squeaking sound tree became Squeakadoor tree. This for both of us, was very memorable.

I try to enjoy every part of my life, even seeing the good through the bad. Sometimes life gives you curveballs, put you have to push through it.


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