Future Plans

By Sherry Yuan Talon Staff Writer,

I don’t know how many times I’ve thought about my university life in the U.S., but today I’m ready to tell you all about my college life in the future, even if it’s just in my imagination. I’ll regard it as my target and will keep working hard to make it come true.
My university life might be better than expected, but it won’t come without some difficulties. It is universally acknowledged that when a freshman walks into a big, fascinating but complicated campus, what impresses him most will be the atmosphere of freedom but also the temptations which will come. Sometimes, college will teach you a lesson before you really adapt to the life of university. We have to be careful not to allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the new experiences.
After years of frustration with heavy homework and education which mostly gives us the skill of taking exams more than true `knowledge itself, I sat down and imagined how my college life would be. In my opinion, compared with universities in China, universities here in America are less active , full of awkward political education, and provide too much leisure time in which laziness is born. In a word, it will be boring, if it fits my idea.
However, life tends to be more and more different than expected, as I feel myself absorbed into the campus little by little. Every day when I pass by the door of the dormitory I notice tens of posts that contains information of activities or miscellaneous groups or interesting lectures which widen our horizon, just like the lively and colorful world below the calm surface of the Pacific Ocean. When it comes to my major, mathematics, I am very willing to devote much time to having lessons, doing proper homework, going to libraries to check more details other than textbooks or debating problems through MSN with other friends who share the same interest. It is fabulous when a man spends much time on his favorite habit without being concernedof his financial problems. He will sink into the sea of it and be unwilling to float on the real life again.
As you seen, college life is great! I’m pretty sure I’ll keep working hard on it to achieve my college dream! And I hope it will even better than what I wrote!