What Time Is It?? SUMMERTIME!

By: Katie Calonje, Talon Staff Writer

In three weeks, it will be the end of the school year. It will be the end of a year filled with people you love as well as an amalgam of painful and precious memories. But it will also be a time of new beginnings and new starts, for some of us a whole new chapter because will be going to college or going to be an upperclassmen or going into highschool for the first time or for me, my senior year. We realize that we are getting much older and becoming wiser with everything we learn and every person we interact with. We’re no longer those kids we were a year ago because we learned so much more in year, we can even learn so much in just one minute. But before we go off our seperate ways, we need to settle down and focus and push through it and give it our all these last weeks to enchance and illuminate our lives with that the education and knowledge.
Focusing on our school work is definetly a struggle because we most likely will be thinking of the future and our plans for the summer but we have to figure this stuff out first. School work and education needs to come first. Although we may get tired over studying for so long, we must work through it since it will affect our future and the more knowledge we have, it can change the way we see things.
The one thing that does help me finish my work is when I remember the feeling of having something accomplished and that I made my parents proud with my grades. Also constantly praying helps me so much because when I feel like I can’t rely on anyone, I know the one person that I can rely on is God because regardless of how bad you feel or are acting, God will still help you if you ask for his help. He never abandons you. The Lord’s mercy is so enormous and his love for us is beyond our imagination. Especially with finals and AP exams coming up, being stressed out is a horrible feeling but we should rely on the Lord and feel comfort from him. God is omnipotent and we need to put our trust and worries into His hands(Matthew 11:28-30). What God has planned for you is beyond your imagination and far better than anything you could think of (Ephesians 3:20).
During these last few weeks, try to do your best every day and do not procastinate. It is easier said than done but we have to do our work and just do it. In Timothy 2:15 says, “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.” Do your best for God in everything you do and it will benefit you as well. Be an example to others and get your work done to end off the year strong.