The Good Semester!

By Grace Liu, Talon staff writer

When I read the news letter from Mr. Warner, I found out this year is almost over. It is amazing how time has gone by so fast. This year has been a great year. I gained a lot during my time at Redwood.

I planed to have more American friends this semester. The reason is that more American friends can help me improve my English and also can color my life. I decided to join the soccer team. I love soccer. If I had to choose one sport, soccer is the best choice. During this season, I gained a lot, much more than I could have imaged. I learned lot of soccer skills; I learned how to work as a team; I learned how to play for your teammates; I gained lots of American friends; l lost weight…. I am so glad that I made this decision this year.

I also planed to have driver license. After I was 18 years old, I took the permit test first. Then I got time in spring break. I practiced driving for five days, when I felt good, my coach helped me make a appointment. I went to DMV and I got my driver license!

This was an amazing spring break!

This year was the most important year in my life. God shows his grace on me and prepares my way for me. Thanks God!