Bucket List Anyone?

By Jessica Brock, Talon Staff Writer

Yeah, we get it.

We all get the same feeling as you do. At first you emotions run wild; you jump and laugh and squeal. You have a good time enjoying the moment. But then you realize, Wait! School’s almost over! You think about all the things you’ve learned, and what you’re going to have to do over the summer to get ready for the next grade (if you parents are anything like mine!) You fondly remember the good times, and then wince at the epic fails. But just remember, you’re not alone in feeling this.

Preparing for the summer is one of the many things that you can do to breeze past the last weeks of school. You could make a list of all the things that you’d like to do. Summer Bucket List anyone???

How To Make A Summer Bucket List Bucket List

a pencil/pen/marker/crayon
at least twenty ideas
a general idea of what you want to do
friends to do them with
money and transportation

Here’s an example of a Bucket List (you can also find these online!)

laser tag
BBQ with friends
break a world record
have a favorite movie series marathon
stay up ‘till 3:00am
make your own ice cream
go to a carnival
make a fort
eat popcorn and watch a movie in the fort
get over a fear
paint your body your favorite color
volunteer at a library
do a Summer Reading Program
Great America
The best for last, Honor God with everything you do, and HAVE FUN!

Having a Summer Bucket List is enjoyable. Fellowshipping with you friends is a fun experience. But make sure that you spend time spiritually in the Word, and Fellowship with your Maker. After all, He created the Universe, and all its inhabitants. Shouldn’t you take a break out of “your time,” and talk to Him? Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:.” Take time to enjoy life, because honestly, YOLO (You Only Live Once.) But remember who’s given you the time to do everything?