This Past Year

By James Li, Talon Staff writer

In 1 Corinthians 10:3, it says, “Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” When work is to be done, do it to serve God. Work has eternal value, for man’s life is meaningful. In this entire school year, I felt very tired at the beginning, because I did not take a rest during the summer, and had a SAT training for 2 months.
For another reason, all my friends in the China were already freshman in college, but I still did not graduate yet. In this past year, though I have faced a lot of troubles, what I aim to gain is to become closer to Christ due to my real feelings. For example, I started to read the Bible every night. And I realized that when things happened, I do not need to worry as much as I used to do, just keep praying and relax.
In this past year, I have faced the injuries, and my SAT scores being canceled, even the future was confusing. But I know that God has the best plan for me. I did not know the result yet, although prayer made me calm. In this year, I have met some people who has some influences on my spiritual world. Mr.Ray let me know how kind and professional a teacher could be. I have received a Bible in both Chinese and English. For me, it is not just a book. It helps me to understand Christ a lot. Mr.Ray also is man who have helped me to develop an interest of reading. Because, everyday, there are some conversation during class about something else outside of school, he can talk about it from many different sides and his own opinion. In this past senior year, which also is last year of high school, I should thank every person who have taught me, and who have helped me. And I thank God for giving me this chance to face these all things.