By Alex Wang – Talon staff writer

As a senior, I am very excited because it is almost the end of the school year. And after the summer holiday, I will go to college. We all excited about summer holiday coming, and we all want to pass this last month as fast as we can.

Because summer holiday is coming, some students became lazy and don’t want to study, they just sit in the classroom and wait until holiday comes. However, I think this month is very important for every student and should not be wasted just waiting for summer.

For our seniors, it is our last one month in our high school life. It is also our last month in Redwood Christian Schools. For us, we should cherish our last one month in this school and finish well.

For our international students, we all excited to go back home. We are far away from home, and we all miss our parents and friends. Time is time, it never changes. If you try to do well and finish this school year, then you will use time wisely. But if you just come to school do nothing but wait summer holiday comes, then you waste your time.

For all students in Redwood Christian Schools, we all need to cherish the last one month of this school year. If we do something, each of us will have something in our memories. Psalms 118: 24 says: “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Let us enjoy the last one month of the school year, use time wisely!