16 More Trigonometric Addition Formulas

By Zachary Harmon, Talon Co Editor
So I was sitting in class, confused, taking a test on trigonometric addition formulas, wishing for the day that was going to come when I no longer have to attend high school. Seniors have 16 days left, by the time this was published, so how do we survive these last days? Some have it harder than others, but we can make it nonetheless.
I remember being a very excited seventh grader, leading a New Year’s Eve style countdown on the last day of school. We decided to count down from 35 for some reason, but given the typical skills of a middle school student, we managed to reach zero seven seconds early.
There is a small group of seniors that has been hoarding all their paperwork for four years now. The plan is to take all of the papers down to the beach or somewhere and light the whole stack on fire. I did this in in a smaller scale my freshman year, burning a surprisingly large amount of paper on the beach.
There is a time coming when I am going to have to sit down and actually study for finals. At this point in the year I have a hunch that my home office isn’t going to work, therefore I’m going to be sitting in the Castro Valley Library on the weekends going over things.
This year I’ve taken a page from my own story and used a mirror as a whiteboard. Take an expo marker to the mirror above your sink. Now take the marker and write a big ole “16” right where your face is. Every day when you get home change the number. It’s a mental thing, it keeps me sane to know how many things are there are.
No matter what, we still have 16 days left, and we must be patient. Remember Galatians 6:9 “and let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”