How God Led Me To The Water

By Zachary Harmon, Talon Co-Editor

Being at Redwood, a constant question is “Why do you believe in what you believe in?” For at least 8 years the answer has been the ocean. I’ve been in, on or around the ocean since I was just a few months old, since then I’ve been kicked around, held down, thrown into the air. I’ve caught big waves, big winds and big fish. After seeing the strength of a small wave, or a small fish, I am convinced that there is a creator
If you haven’t picked up on it, this week’s theme is applying Christianity to the Liberal arts, or a major in college.
I’m going to study Marine Transportation for at least the next four years at the California Maritime Academy. In layman’s terms I’m going to boat driving school for container ships. I am incredibly excited, not only because I get to spend two months on a ship at sea each year; but while my peers are taking psychology, math and English, I get to take classes like Marine Survival, Radar, Celestial Navigation and Literature of the Sea.
There is extreme treachery associated with going out to sea, therefore you and sailors being religious or superstitious. You never hear of the “desk-jockeys church” yet there are several Maritime churches. You see, Christianity informs the Marine Transportation not only in the call for protection from precarious circumstance such as pirates, hurricanes and rocks, but because sailors are constantly surrounded by the Glory of God.