Chasing God

By Aidann Merrel, Talon Staff Writer
In a few years I will be having to think about college. It’s a hard choice, finding the right place, and deciding on a major. But what do you do if you believe in God, but your college doesn’t support your faith? Some just shrug it off, and say that they can go to church on Sunday or pray daily. The thing that a majority of people forget though, is that the more you hang out with people who don’t love God, the more you act and think like they do. It’s not impossible though to be a loyal Christian, even if you attend a secular school. How? Just be dedicated to Him, and be sure to commit yourself to reading the Bible.
I’m only in the seventh grade, so I haven’t really began to think about college just yet. But what I do know is that even when some subjects seem so far fetched and appear to have nothing to do with God, they actually do. If you know anything about World History, you would know that there are a lot of religions. Buddhism, Islam, Greek gods, and even the Roman gods can relate to the Bible. Looking at Greek mythology, their god Zeus is similar to our God in the way that both are the highest in authority. The difference is Zeus isn’t real, but God is. In fact, Apostle Paul quoted a poem from Zeus in Acts 17:28. The thing is, that God can come to many cultures in many ways. Perhaps the ancients didn’t get the full picture, but they did understand some. It doesn’t matter what religion, the truth of God can be found in each belief.
“…In him we live and move and have our being… for we indeed are his offspring…” -Acts 17:28
So the question is, are you running after God, or are you running away from God? Even when life becomes a challenge, it only means that you are truly chasing God. We all have encountered these rocks in our paths…but only God can help us through them. Wherever you look, the truth is hidden in it. The next time you question your faith, ask yourself if you want to run after or away from the Lord of the universe.