Noble hearts in Zimbabwe

By Alex Wang, Talon Staff Writer
The President of the United States makes $40,000 a year, but do you know what the salary of the Zimbabwean president is? He only makes $4,000 a month, which is $48,000 a year. How much is $48,000? $48,000 is the average salary of public school teachers in California.
While I read this news I was surprised because I could not imagine a president of a country only makes $4,000 a month!
Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe, has said because of the “hard time” the country has been recently facing, he accepted a modest salary of $4,000 a month.
Zimbabwe is still recovering from an economic collapse of their country.. “I am earning $4000 just now, because of the hard times. This is what we decided on, that we should recognise the hard times at the moment,” Mugabe said in a BBC interview.
The average wage in Zimbabwe is $300 a month, but unemployment runs at 80% and most of the population of 13 million live in poverty. We can see most of the Zimbabweans are earning a very low salary.
However, some people in Zimbabwe are earning very high salaries. Such as the head of the public health insurance fund, he is getting a monthly salary of $535,499! Also the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation boss takes $37,050 a month!
For this serious situation, the Zimbabwean government announced a $6000 salary cap for working for state-owned companies.
Romans 13: 1-8, says that the president is chosen by God, we need to obey our president as long as we worship God. The policy the Zimbabwean government just made, I think it is a very good policy, and I think the president set a good example for his people.