Mr. Awesome- In Memory of Calder J. Sloan

By Tyler Gonsalves, Talon Staff Writer


On April 13, Calder Jacob Sloan, (a.k.a Mr. Awesome) drowned in a Florida swimming pool due to a high voltage charge from a light that wasn’t stable within the pool. This child was so very special. Before he died, he drew a picture of himself and named it, “MR. AWESOME”. Ever since his demise a family friend has started a social media campaign with the drawing Calder had made of himself. This campaign has received a lot of attention and has been spreading like wildfire. It has received recognition from celebrities such as Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat and Bill Nelson, the US Senate of Florida. Although Calder did not get the chance to watch his drawings be held in the hands of so many people and shown to people through the Internet I’m sure that he is looking down with a happy heart, delighted with how we have taken such a horrible thing and shown the light in it.


Calder’s family says that this picture, or self-portrait, showed a “beaming young boy, with the words “Mr. Awesome” on top if it, is a symbol of his fun-loving and adventurous spirit.” – Fox News


I know that this young man didn’t deserve to die, although I did not know this family in Florida, I think that it is safe to say that it was an untimely death. But only God determines whether someone should live or die. Although he did not deserve to die in such a way as this, when God calls us to Heaven it doesn’t matter how we get there. All that matters is that we are with Him.