RCS Missions Team an Encouragement to Others

By: Katie Calonje, Talon Staff Writer

This past week, some of the juniors, seniors, and some Redwood teachers went to the Navajo Nation to spread the love of God to other parts of the world. They went to help build homes and didn’t use electronics for most of the time there. As Christians we should try to know God and make Him known which is what the Missions Team did, which shows you that Christian Ministry is more than just a class.

Mr. Warner, the teacher of Christian Ministry this year, gave me some insight and was so kind to let me interview him on everything that they did last week. One of the several different events and many works that the Redwood Missions Team did was worked with three different organizations. One of the organizations was called Cornerstone that is located in Smith Lake, New Mexico. They turned a school into a workshop and basically helped build walls for homes and built a bunch of walls for those without homes. It takes about 8 walls for a house and in like in a day the other workers were able to build a house in about a day.

The second place that they went to was Houck, Arizona where they helped rebuild a house for a gentleman named Tom whose house burnt down during Christmas time so the Redwood Missions Team razed it and built it again for him.

Western Ministries in Window Rock, New Mexico, was another organization that the team assisted; cleaning out and reorganized a huge warehouse that was full of many different things such as old refrigerators, stoves, garbage, rat poop and at the end of the day, they burnt all the wood and garbage. Each morning, they arrived at different ministries such as the radio ministry, church, and the school. They would sing songs about God at the school and would pray over the staff because all of the three ministries where on one campus. The team would split up in two or three groups at different areas at different times. Another group went on 15-20 minutes walks around the campus, while praying, called a prayer walk.

Later on in the week, they organized a carnival at the school to recruit families to that Christian school. They had a couple hundred people come to the carnival and the way people show up was that they put up huge banners that they made and put them on the road on their bus for people to come, as well as word of mouth, helped those few hundred people show up.

Together they spent time with four different Christian youth groups, shared testimonies, and did different Bible studies with them. Around 7:15 normally they would have breakfast, meaning that around 6 or 6:15 everyone be up and go back at around 9 or 10 PM. One morning they left house at 6:30 to go to another school that was closing so they help an auction that was auctioning off school supplies so the Redwood School Missions Team could get them for the current school they were helping at, this was located east of Houck, Arizona and about 10 or 15 minutes away from the area they were staying up.

Around the general area the team split up into two or three groups in different locations. He hopes that they were an encouragement to everyone that worked with Cornerstone, Good News Church, Western Indian Ministries, Tom’s family and hopes that they saw that God truly love them. They work off of Acts 1:8 ” But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem.” We are meant as Christians to spread to word of God and his love, and this is what the Redwood Missions Team does.