Malaysia Airlines 370

By Grace Liu, Talon Staff Writer
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing lost contact with the air flight control center on March 8, 2014 at 01:20. Later on in that day, Malaysia airlines reported that Malaysia Airline Flight 370 was missing. There were 239 people on this airline, it included 227 fliers (two babies). Those people came from 12 countries, most people from China (152). When the search began, many countries assisted in the search for Malaysia Airline Flight 370, but they found nothing. After 16 days, they found the wreckage in the South Indian Ocean. There were no survivors, that fact being cruel and heartbreaking. However, everyone will have a day to die, nobody can stop this. This scares a tremendous amount of people. “They don’t have a live for themselves, and no man dieth to himself. If we live, is to give priority to live; if the dead, is give priority to die. So, we live or die is always the people of the Lord.(ROM. 7 ~ 8)” Jesus died for our sin, broke the curse of sin, we are free to live on the earth, and we live for Jesus, we do not need to be scared of death. The death of the body is not end. Your spirit is still in God’s grace. You will have your entire life continue in heaven. We know that God will give us the best way to go when you follow Him. Death is not end, it is another start.