Mrs. Kidwell: Hero Undercover

By Jalina Archuleta, Talon Staff writer

Mrs. Kidwell has worked at Redwood Christian for about 27 years. She has four children, which is why she came to RCS. At first she applied for the kitchen position, but it was already taken. A couple of days later Mr. Johnson called and told her that the teachers aid was open in the academic assistant program. She accepted the job. Mrs. Kidwell favorite part at working at RCS watching the students grow, and then later come back and see them return and teach.

Mrs. Kidwell does devotions every day to start out her morning. She asks for God’s wisdom and guidance throughout her day. Later, she prepares the bulletin for us to read in the morning.

When asked, if Redwood changed since you started working here she replied “Yes, especially with technology”. She also said that we have more international students to share our mission statement with.

During the evening she organizes the tardy slips and sends out important notes to the students if needed. She also arranges Mr. Hearne’s meetings and much, much more.

Even though Mrs. Kidwell works behind the scene she plays a very important role in our school. The little things she does helps us daily. If we didn’t have Mrs. Kidwell in our school we wouldn’t know what was going on. God has blessed Redwood Christian school with a responsible, intelligent women.  We should all take some time, and thank Mrs. Kidwell for all she does.