Sports Awards and School Pride

By Aidann Merrel, Talon Staff Writer

On Wednesday morning, the school gathered together for a traditional event called Sports Awards.

The event started with a guest speaker, who attended Redwood for elementary and middle school. He shared with us his story, and how Redwood sports played a major role in his life. His story was mainly about how his passion for baseball (and other sports) grew. It was “God’s gift to him” as he said. His story really spoke to me because it basically told the audience that all of us have our own gifts and talents, and with the right help and guidance it could blossom into something beautiful. This guest speaker was drafted for two professional baseball leagues, including the Oakland A’s.

This ceremony is an event that praises those who have decided to dedicate their own time to playing sports for the school. From personal experiences, it’s difficult to keep a sport and do your daily homework. The efforts put out from these players is enough to say that they deserve to be rewarded, and appreciated for their time.

Some players were rewarded with trophies for going the “extra mile”. That means, those who have either encouraged others, improved in many ways, or took on extra challenges, were given shiny, golden, objects to symbolize their dedication to the sport.

Overall, the sports ceremony was fun due to the fact it was dedicated to honoring the players, and God.