Lockers: Friend or Foe?

By Tyler Gonsalves, Talon Staff writer

We use them to store our goodies for lunch, our textbooks, our photos, our extra clothes – basically anything.
So why do they hate us so much?
We have all had trouble opening our lockers here at Redwood, but this problem is worldwide. But of course there is always that one kid who can get it first try. I don’t know if they have mystic powers or if they are just really accurate at it. I would hate to think that some poor fellow went a day without lunch just because of locker problems. Although sometimes we are at the wrong locker, usually the one right next to ours. We often feel quite stupid when that occurs but then we look to our left and find our locker neighbor doing the same thing, mostly because they recognize their locker being next to yours but that is beside the point.
All lockers have numbers, we are assigned a locker and locker number usually in alphabetical order according to our last name. So that being said you can usually pre-determine who your locker buddy will be. And make sure you are friends with them because you will be seeing a lot of each other.
Lockers can be really stubborn. Usually you can get your locker open within the first 20 times but sometimes it just won’t work. You have gone over the number pattern that you hopefully haven’t shared with anyone, 100 different times. And you look really closely at the numbers on the dial and you are 110% sure that you typed it in correctly but it just won’t budge. But hey, I guess that is a good thing if anyone were to ever want to break into a middle-schoolers locker.
Matthew 16:19 says, “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven.” This explains lockers pretty well, in my eyes. Inside of our locker awaits our lunch we have been waiting so long for, or inside could be heaven, but are we precise with opening the lock, no all of us sin but Jesus died on the cross for us. Lockers, the cruel but equally good, storage compartment.