8th to 9th Grade: A New Beginning

By Ify Nwebube, Talon Staff writer

Eighth grade is the last grade of middle school, meaning the last Spirit Week, the last socials, the last group trip, and maybe the last time you would see some of your closest friends. We also have to say goodbye to many teachers who have helped us strive throughout middle school, allowing us to learn and grow from our mistakes.

As an eighth grader, however, you look forward to many things, including Spirit Week, socials,  and the Washington D.C. trip taking place in the month of May. These things make our lives in our school much better, in my opinion.

I interviewed one of my closest friends, Brianna De La Cuesta. Brianna said that in 6th grade she was very scared coming here to a complete new campus, but later remembered that she grew up with the people that she went to school with. She described her 8th grade year so far as fun and awesome, as Spirit Week was one of her greatest highlights this year. As the Washington D.C. Trip is coming up soon, she said that she looks forward to seeing different monuments. Brianna also added that her friends since elementary have been very supportive.

As this year is coming to a close, we also have to look to the future, 9th grade. I think that high school will bring a new challenge to the table, meaning more homework and more people to introduce yourself to. Also, you would have to make a new reputation for yourself as you gain new teachers. I think that as we mature in middle school we would be able to face other things in high school. High school will be tough, but we will find a way, through God, to make success in our lives.