Why International Students Come to Redwood

By James Li, Talon Staff Writer

Redwood Christian School was built in the early 70’s. In the history of 40 years, the RCS did not originally have many international students on the campus. In the past 4 years, more and more international student have chosen to come to America to receive advanced education and finish their high school education at Redwood Christian School. This article will show some examples of what makes International Student fly 13 hours to RCS from home to attend school.

In general, the families that can afford the spending of student’s tuition and fee belong to the middle class and above. On the opposing side, more and more middle class families have started to believe in the religions, and to be honest, the population of Christians keeps increasing. Therefore, as a school who regards the teaching of Christ as the first job, Redwood Christian attracts many children from Chinese Christian families, such as Grace, Caroline, and Henry. Additionally, as a Christian private school, the Chinese families have heard that apart from the strict teaching attitude, the school also devotes much attention to the students’ ideological work and moral education, and strict administration is Redwood’s excellent tradition. That is what Chinese family want the kids to be.