The Mourning of Christ

By Grace Liu, Talon Staff writer

Today, the Italians are still proud of their medieval two of their artistic geniuses, one is the author of the divine comedy, the poet Dante, another is an artist — the painter Giotto Di Bondone. “The Mourning of Christ” is one of Giotto’s most famous murals. This painting has a strong classical appeal capturing the tragedy of the moment.

In this picture a group of female saints and apostles are gathered around Jesus’s feet in despair. St. John has his arms opened, bending over looking at at Jesus’ body, a solemn moment. A female saints are wearing robes and facing out of the picture out, carefully holding Jesus’ head. No one knows the state of Mary’s heart, because her face can not be seen. Near the hill, withered leaves hang elegiacally from tree branches, the sky and the earth are tightly together. The gray in the distance, the cliff in the lonely background tell the silent despair.

In this painting, characters appear truly real and three-dimensional. Their clothing is simple, each one’s vision and action, even the oblique barrier takes the viewer to a center —  the death of Jesus.