Horned Moses

By Kolby Charles, Talon Staff writer

Michelangelo came up with Horned Moses first because a verse that had stated that Moses’s face had shown, In the Book of Exodus it says that Moses face “shone” but the word for “shine” could also be interpreted as “horn.”

The model of the body of the sculpture is meant to describe the verse and the anger of Moses. Michelangelo went through a lot of struggles and mental breakdowns to make this statue; many tribulations. His “Moses” is believed to have been completed around the 1513-1515’s in order to be a part of the tomb of Pope Julius II.

The sculpture stands up to 8’4’’ in the tomb.

Michelangelo was a great artist and this sculpture here shows that he worshipped the LORD and read his Bible and was not afraid to show the world about what he believed and worshipped. He just needed to be a little more careful about interpreting the Hebrew words!