God’s Not Dead (Spoiler Alert!!)

By Aidann Merrel, Talon Staff writer

God’s Not Dead is by far one of the best movies I have ever seen, mostly because it teaches an extremely valuable lesson. So before I start to summarize this amazing movie, I warn you that there are spoilers, so read at your own risk.

The movie starts off in a university, focusing on a young man whose faith is soon to be tested. His name was Josh  Wheaton, a christian who is seeking to major in law but needs to take philosophy in order to do so. It just happens though, that the professor is an atheist with a heavy heart towards God.  The professor required that everyone would write on a paper that God is dead, ending it with his or her signature. It was shocking really too see everyone do as asked; everyone except Josh. He refused to do what Professor Radisson wanted, saying that he loved God and that he was very much alive.  This act of bravery is how Josh ends up challenging the professor, and sharing the word of God with all the students.

Josh had three chances to convince Professor Radisson that God was not dead, each time he seemed win over not only the class, but the teacher as well. You must understand that it is extremely hard to get up on a stage and share the gospel with 80 people watching you. Even though the majority of the class agreed with Josh now that God wasn’t dead, Professor Radisson was still very reluctant to admit that his own student was right.

About a day after, Professor Radisson was sitting in his office looking at a letter his dying mom had sent him when he was 12. It brought tears to his eyes (and to the audience in the movie theater) that all what his mother wanted was for him to follow through on God’s plan. That’s where he finally comes to his senses, and realizes that he does love God. With new strength Professor Radisson goes off to a christian event being held that night (it was a concert to be exact) in search of finding peace with God. Here comes the stunning part of the whole movie, and also the biggest spoiler alert. As Professor Radisson is crossing a street in the rain, a car runs the red light and hits him. It was a blessing that he didn’t die as soon as the car struck him, because he had enough time to say that he wasn’t an atheist, but a christian. After a few more minutes, he was dead.

“…Judge not, that you be not judged..”

So what is the whole point of this story? Well it teaches us that sometimes those who judge others (in this case, their faith) sometimes will get judged in returned. When the professor died, it was rather sudden, and unexpected. After he passed, it was still unclear if he made it to heaven, he did say a lot of hateful words towards Jesus and the Father. Who knows if his judgement will be good or bad. That’s why we should give our hearts and souls out to God before we die. Remember that those who judge will be judged in returned.