Faith and Beliefs

By Kolby Charles, Talon Staff writer

The Resurrection is when the Son of our dear  Heavenly Father died for all of us to forgive us for our sin, but then rose from the dead. People ask how do we know He arose, and I will tell you how it started.
After Jesus had been crucified and buried in the tomb, the disciples went to the tomb but He was not there. As they were at the tombs they seemed to see two bowed faces, they began to say ‘’He is not here, why are you searching for the living among the dead? For he has risen as he said.”
Some people or the wise people believe this is true, they know that God created and loved the world to where He gave His one and only son to us so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish and suffer, but have eternal life. Others do not believe in God and his miracles that he does for us, or they do not care at all and want to do whatever they want and believe they have their own rules. As Mrs. Suth would say ‘’ they are fools’’. These are the people that have no faith or boundary in their life which can lead to nothing but a path to destruction.
As Christians we are supposed to try to spread the word and help others like this as much as we can to change their ways of life and bring them to Chris,t as we are told. We have been to save as many of God’s children as possible.
The people who claim they love Christ and believe and take Him as their savior are supposed to meditate of him and live through Him night and day. We are told to live through his word every moment of our lives even with our sin nature. The LORD is our savior and creator no matter what any belief says. As Christians we need to trust His word and believe because one day we will all die and it will all be our time to face God and we won’t know when. So we need to be ready and prepared and filled with His glory so when our time comes we can be accepted into his eternal life and in God’s presents instead of total separation from God.