A Gardner in Disguise

By Aidann Merrel, Talon Staff writer

I thought it would be easy to describe a garden, and it’s beauty. But to be honest, it’s harder than I presumed it to be. Of course we all know it’s an outdoor area decorated with flowers and other plant life, but there is much more too it.

Once upon a time there was a garden, it had all sorts of trees and all kinds of animals. But one thing was missing… and it was man. The owner of the garden saw that despite his efforts, his creation was not perfect just yet. So he grew a man, and a woman; making the garden perfect. For a long time the gardener and his creation lived in harmony. Perfect until sin entered the garden. The sin became thorns, and weeds in the patch and corrupted all of the living creatures who lived there. This included the man and woman who lived in the garden. With a heavy heart, the gardener casted out both the man, and woman.

Can you guess what garden this is in the Bible? Here is a hint, it’s in the book of Genesis.

For those who still don’t know who the Gardener is, think about who created the ground which you stand on, or the air that you breath. The only one capable of making such things is God, the true gardener that is hidden within our lifes. With the knowledge of the garden described in Genesis, what do you think is a garden?