The Miracles of Easter

By Sherry Yuan, Talon Staff Writer

Jesus did a lot of miracles in His life, but the most important mirale He did was His Resurrection.
I would like to tell you some of His miracles. In Mark 10:46-52, He saved a blind man that came from darkness and brought him into the light and allowed him to see; in John 21:145-13, Jesus and his disciples caught the miraculous draught of fishes; in John 11:1-45, Jesus brought His good friend back to life! Also in Mark 5:22-43, He read the marvelous story of a young girl being raised from the dead. Have you ever heard of someone who could walk on water? It happended in Matthew 14:22-23. And even the wind and the east obey Jesus! All these facts are telling us that Jesus is powerful, that’s why He could resurrect, and it became the biggest miracle of all.
Jesus was brutally tortured, and then His hands were hanging, nailed on a cross.This method of execution prevented air from entering the lungs, three hours later he died.More than five hundred people, however, witnesses, said He was raised from the dead after three days, and after 40 days in Israel’s north and south provinces.Many people think it’s enough to prove that Jesus as God is true.Later, Hereturned to the city of Jerusalem, and from there rose to the sky.
Because of these amazing events, He has increased the number of people following Him. According to historical records, only a few months later, in Jerusalem about three thousand followers in a day are added a day. Religious leaders determined crackdown on those following Jesus, but many of them preferred to die rather than deny Jesus is the true messiah.
Less than one hundred years, there was someone following him everywhere.In 325 AD, Jesus’ religion (Christianity) Roman emperor Constantin established this as an official religion.After 500, the temple of Greek gods in Greece was converted into the church. Although Jesus preached some information in the process of expansion of religious institutions not under the attention it deserves, even were wrong to spread, but in the words of Jesus, and he still is everlasting life, itself.