Jesus Talks About Judging

By James Li, Talon Staff writer

In Matthew 7:1, some people will misunderstand the Word of the Lord , which said to ban all judgment. No matter what happens, they will only devoutly say: “Judge not, that you be not judged. ” However, Jesus did not teach us as Christians of the amorality. He never comments that we abandoned the ability to discern. There are many examples in the new testament that are made to others, such as reasonable judgment, behavior, and the condition of the lesson. Moreover, the Lord commanded Christians to make a decision in a few aspects, the bad or good and best. Jesus warned that the unjust judgment will suffer the same in return, because “what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged”. Jesus taught that we like to point out small faults in our neighbors, while ignoring our own. Christ deliberately exaggerates this to make us understand. In the eyes of your neighbor, you see a speck, but do you even notice your own situation? If we have a bigger loss, we hope it will help others to correct his faults. We correct their faults, just to criticise them. But verse 6 Jesus does not prohibit all judgment. Two animals are used here, to disdain the evil people. If we meet with the evil people, they treated with disdain the sanctity of the truth, and slander and attack we preach about Christ, we don’t have to continue to talk about the Gospel with them. Needless to say, to distinguish people, you must have spiritual insight, which comes from Christ.