Let’s Play Baseball!

By Jalina Archuleta, Talon Staff writer

I’m going to be straight up with you, I only know the basics of baseball, I know there are nine innings and the objective of the game. What I don’t know is the history of baseball, therefore I decided to learn more about when baseball was first developing.

On June 19, 1846 the official baseball game took place. It was on this day that the New York Knickerbockers played against the New York Nine club at the Elysian Fields in Hoboken, New Jersey. The knickerbockers lost to New York Nine.

In 1846 the first pack of baseball cards was created. A New York sporting goods called Speck and Snyder created what most people believe to be the first set of baseball cards. Images of baseball players were featured on the front of the cards, while the company’s advertising was on the back. The first baseball player who first showed up on a card was Bernie Hannigan. He was known as “The old Man”.

Major League baseball on the radio has been a tradition over 80 years  and still exists today. Baseball was first broadcasted in 1921.

I while doing my research, had a great opportunity to ask some questions to some students who know a lot regarding baseball. When I asked Kolby Charles what was the green monster was he said “It is a green wall, it stands on the left field of the Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Socks.”  This wall stands a bit over 37ft and is 231 feet long. It stretches all the way from left field to the triangle in the center. The original wall was made of wood and burnt down with much of the park in the 1934, It was rebuilt in 1946 with a hard plastic.

I questioned another student. I asked him , what was the name of the man who hit the furthest, he responded “Cecil Fielder” his furthest hit was 503-foot shot to right-center field that nearly left the stadium.

One of the most well known baseball players who set a record to hit the most home runs in history was “Babe Ruth”, says Preston Hart. Babe Ruth had a total of 714 home runs. 708 of those were in the American League,49 while playing for the Boston Red Sox and 659 as a member of the New York Yankees. You may know Babe Ruth as the Bambino. Have you ever heard about “ The curse of the Bambino”?  well, In 1918 the Red Sox won their 5th World Series, the most by any club at that time. There key player was Babe Ruth, although in 1920 the owner of the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth’s contract to  Colonel Jacob Ruppert owner of the New York Yankees for $100,000. Since then, the Yankees, who had never won a World Championship before adding Babe Ruth to the team, have gone on to win 26. Meanwhile,the Boston Red Sox have only showed up in four World Series since 1918, losing each one in game seven. That in essence is the “curse”

Finally, one of the most influential players of all time, in my opinion ,is Jackie Robinson. Jackie was the first African American  to play Major league baseball. He endured many hardships because of the color of his skin. At this time our nation was broken. Robinson broke the baseball color line when the Brooklyn Dodgers started him at first base on April 15, 1947. Robinson was threatened by many people in the stands, but he continued to be brave and play the game he loved. Nothing stopped Robinson from succeeding, He was selected for six continual All- Star games from 1949 to 1954. Robinson was also added into the Hall of Fame in 1962. Jackie’s Robinson character and his amazing gift of playing Baseball really challenged segregation , which made America a better country and contributed greatly to the Civil Rights Movement.

In conclusion, there is much history in baseball. Believe it or not baseball influenced America greatly, and continues to unify us as a nation.