Eletronics in Our Generation

By Kolby Charles, Talon Staff writer


In our lifetime we make it seem like entertainment and electronics are the main focus and most important thing to us but it is not.
               It is still very important though for most of the things we do. For example we use it for many jobs in the U.S. and even school work. The right type of communication and electronic devices even help us with crimes and punishment for the ones that create them. It helps businesses such as banks and also helps us run our governments. It helps us keep track of our money and helps through our economy. Electronics can sometimes help or sometimes be useful to your brain but will not ruin it. The only way electronics may ruin your brain is if you use it so much that it is cancerous, but that is more of the radiation not electronics. And if so you are looking up things to learn on the internet or electronic device it can be useful. Two of the first electronic devices was a remote controlled by electricity and a machine that made telegraphy possible. This shows us that there was once people who lived without electricity and devices, our generation has just always been around them so it seems as we need them. Even when they did have electricity and things they were not so interested in them as we are. It was different, it was not as fancy and as important to use as now. A way to stop this is not tying every business into using these devices.
                 Even though our generation is so addicted and rely on electricity and devices I personally like, believe, and prefer that we use modern types of electricity because it gives people the opportunities and blessing to work and acquire the high class education that God and the nation has given us.