PC Gaming

By Alex Wang, Talon Staff Writer

Few days ago, I interviewed my friend Leo Ding through internet, I asked something about PC games and of course he gave me many good answers.

Why I choose Leo Ding because he is very good at playing PC games.

PC games, played on a computer (rather than a console such as the xbox or Playstation), are very popular in nowadays. I know a lot of Americans like to play PS3 and XBOX, but in China most people play PC games more often because as long as you have a laptop, you can play games.

I asked Leo what kind of PC games are there. He said, “There are many types of PC games: RPG, which is a role-playing game; WEG, which is a web game; ACT, which is an action game; AVG, which is an adventure game; FTG, which is a fighting game; STG, which is shooting game; PZL, which is a puzzle game; RCG, which is a racing game; and CAG, which is a card game; Even if two games are the same type, it does not mean they are exactly same. For example, STG also can divide into an FPS and TPS, which is first-person shooting game and third-person shooting game, but they both are STG.”

From this answer, I knew that Leo really knew a lot of things about PC games. Then I asked him what type of game he likes, he said he doesn’t have any type of game that he doesn’t like. He would try any new game.

I asked him what game he played recently, he said he is playing Titanfall, League of Legends. Titanfall is a first-person shooting game, and League of Legends is a very famous RPG game. Not only do Chinese play it, people around the world also play it.

I also asked him: “While you play PC games, do you learn anything from those games? And do games affect your grades at school?” He answered me: “If you do any good things unduly, it will become bad. Games are the same, if you control yourself, and play games properly, it can make you relax and have fun. From scientists speaking, playing games also can make people smart, because a lot of games make you think, and when you think, your brain is developed. Playing games didn’t do anything bad on my school grade, it helps me reduce my pressure so I can work intently at school.”

From this interview, I learned something. Video games, like all entertainments should always be enjoyed in moderation.