American Food

By HuiHui Li, Talon Staff Writer

I interviewed four people about American food. Two of them are America and others are Chinese. I study in America so I know some American culture and I asked some questions about my topic. The popular foods in America are pizza and hamburger those kinds of fast food. Why? The life in America is really fast, there are many fast food, they are cheap and easy to get. Many people like it even they know it’s not healthy. Many people in America love Asian food. The structure of American food is not healthy. Maybe this is because of the culture. Many people love Barbecue and fast food. When they have party, fast food is usually first choice. For most Americans dinner not very early, dinner is the most important meal. It’s family time for them. Many American, however, don’t think their food is healthy. As one of my teachers said: “If you sell fruit in school, few people would probably buy it.” But the best thing in American food is that lots of countries’ food can be found in the US.